IIC Journal of Innovation 6th Edition - Page 2

Dear Reader, Welcome to this 6 th edition of the Journal of Innovation. We continue to see the rapid growth of the Industrial Internet of Things as the realization of its value in moving to a digital environment becomes crystal clear in every industry. This digital transformation will serve to make a better world for all of us as it drives down cost of goods sold and cost of services which frees up capital for new and even more innovative investments in improving the human condition, creating new paradigms in industry approaches, new products and new opportunities. At the recently completed and wildly successful IoT Solutions World Congress event in Barcelona, we saw record numbers of attendees who took advantage of thought provoking presentations on such topics as The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Next Generation IoT. Hundreds of exhibitors offered hands on demonstrations of new IoT technologies in areas spanning not only traditional manufacturing scenarios, but new and exciting technologies. The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), as the primary driver of this event, was a major participant at every level. As the last issue of 2017, we present a broad-based spectrum of thought provoking articles that are reflective of the ever-expanding universe that is IoT. As you read through these articles, be sure to capture the innovative concepts becoming a reality and look for opportunities to apply them to your own efforts at IoT realization. We are particularly pleased to include an article from MIT on Artificial Intelligence which reflects a new approach for the Journal to accept submissions from non-IIC member so as to enhance the value of the Journal to its readership. In this issue, we feature:     Eric Prevost from Oracle gives us his insight on the rapidly changing world of manufacturing and the promise of Democratized Artificial Intelligence in making that transition a positive one Professor Sanjay Sarma and Research Scientist Joshua Siegel of MIT give us a fascinating look at Industrial Intelligence and its implications creating technical magic for Security, Seamlessness and Services for the IIoT The co-chairs of the IIC Industrial Analytics Task Group – K. Eric Harper, ABB Technology Limited; Wael Diab, Huawei Technologies and William Sobel, VIMANA – share their thoughts on the recently released Industrial IoT Analytics Framework (IIAF) Shi-Wan Lin, Thingswise LLC, and Joseph Fontaine, IIC, discuss the Outcomes, Insights, and Best Practices from the IIC Intelligent Urban Water Supply Testbed that is bringing social and ecological change to China We hope you enjoy this edition, and encourage you to reach out to us for opportunities to publish your own thought-provoking topics in future editions. , Best regards, Mark Crawford Standards Strategist SAP SE Thought Leadership, Architecture, & Standards Task Group Co-Chair; Steering Committee Secretary Industrial Internet Consortium IIC Journal of Innovation Edy Liongosari Chief Research Scientist Accenture Labs Thought Leadership Task Group Co-Chair Industrial Internet Consortium i