IIC Journal of Innovation 6th Edition | Page 18

How Democratized Artificial Intelligence Can Move Manufacturing to a New Evolution Pace a specific weather condition on my order dispatching across my factories? How can I build a new product with multiple options in one production line and learn from field data to make it efficient in the short term? How can I monetize or consume machines per hours of usage in contract manufacturing and make sure that it is 100% available when needed, with maintenance done at the right time to not impact my production? These are some questions on which AI is now able to help you solve in an agile and fast way to make your business more flexible, proactive, reactive and reliable. Once the second step is raised, the next steps from 3 to 7 are quite easy to achieve if you are using modern cloud solutions. The cloud software vendor companies are making a huge effort to simplify the access to those technologies. Now most of the AI capabilities are natively embedded in business solutions. To start, there is no mandatory need for in-house data scientists’ expertise or heavy investments; find your scalable use case, your AI platform partners, connect your data and equipment, subscribe to AI services and activate the capabilities. At the first stage, if you want to monitor and make visible multiple sources of data, predict trends and detect abnormal behavior, start step-by-step, looking for solutions that provide no coding capabilities and proof-of-concept platform environment. For more advanced analytics, the AI platforms must be also open to host H OW C AN I S TART T HIS AI J OURNEY ? Let’s first identify where you are in terms of maturity. The first level you need to achieve is to get data from the business area where you want to apply AI. Figure 7: How to start your AI journey to impact your businesses in the short term while preparing for the long road ahead IIC Journal of Innovation - 17 -