IIC Journal of Innovation 6th Edition - Page 15

How Democratized Artificial Intelligence Can Move Manufacturing to a New Evolution Pace resources booking to perform the maintenance operation. This is a type of question that the “Adaptive” Intelligence helps to solve by adapting your behaviors from a large set of parameters to focus you on the few best actions learned from the history of practices suggested by complex logics and insights from oth ers (in your company, consulting firms, suppliers, etc.). This technique can also help if you have employee churn issues. This technology can help you to augment your new employees’ capabilities to make them immediately efficient and better at making the best decisions. action to fix a potential failure raised by a machine. Why not chat with a chatbot to get recommendations about the next action to do, and requesting to this chatbot to reboot the machine? To do so, the chatbot must recognize you individually and recognize your questions, your intent and the action. It must potentially check your intent and sentiment versus an abnormal behavior described above to avoid you making the wrong decision in a stressful situation. This use case is not science fiction. 4. Finally, the Autonomous AI capability is consolidating all the technologies above to make a physical or digital system able to take its own decisions to optimize its behavior based on its sub-systems monitoring and external parameters from human and digital. Some machines can automatically resolve their own issues and make the decision to follow a specific route by themselves to optimize their activities 22 . This is the case of some collaborative robots (Rethink robotics 23 ) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). This intelligence is usually a mix of industrial real-time embedded intelligence mixed with preprocessed best practices data pulled from the cloud. In this case, the cloud runs massive and complex analytics on large- scale historical, current, predictive data and benchmarked behaviors to identify the best practices useful in the current Tied to the next best actions, the complex interaction with human is also using AI to emulate human interactions like voice, chat, images and sensing to provide a natural and fast way to interact with humans. Two of the most common technologies are voice recognition and chatbot. A chatbot helps to understand human expressions by not only understanding the words, but also understanding the intent, the actions, the questions and the sentiments. All those understanding techniques are learned from a massive amount of data captured around the world, including culture, languages and practices, to be used as a source of human interaction understanding. Let’s say you are a maintenance technician who wants to get access to the next best 22 See Nexen tire factory: http://nexentire-nfera.com/en/factory/ 23 http://www.rethinkrobotics.com/ - 14 - November 2017