IIC Journal of Innovation 21st Edition January 2023 | Page 2

Dear Reader :
It is our pleasure to bring you this 21st edition of the Journal of Innovation : “ Business Outcomes of Utilizing Innovative Technologies in Industrial IoT ” – highlighting key benefits of utilizing innovative technologies on Industrial IoT to transform businesses in a variety of ways -- from generating new revenue streams , to improved efficiency , productivity , and competitiveness .
1 . We start with “ Machine Economy – The New Frontier of Digital Transformation in IoT ” by Xixin Fan of IoTeX , and Steeve Baudry and Sourabh Narayan Singh both of Siemens . This article covers the technologies needed for machine economy which is composed of a network of smart , connected and economically independent devices and machines acting as autonomous market participants capable of executing economic transactions with little to no human intervention .
2 . In “ The Role of 5G in the Adoption of Enterprise Augmented Reality ( AR ),” by Mark Sage of AREA and Saverio Romeo of Emerging Technology Observatory share the survey results and case studies done by Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance ( AREA ) on the role of 5G in augmented reality .
3 . Siemens ’ Gunter Beitinger , Andreas Kind , Maximilian Weinhold , Florian Ansgar Jaeger and Saad Bin Shams in “ The Role of IIoT for Decarbonization shown in the ESTANIUM Network ,” provide an overview of the ESTAINIUM Association , Trustworthy Supply Chain Exchange and how a trust technology , like verifiable credentials can help sharing product carbon footprint data in a verifiable and trustworthy manner to facilitate industry to reach the goal of Net Zero carbon emission .
We welcome your feedback on this edition . Let us know what you would like to see covered in future editions . The theme of our next edition , coming in March 2023 , is “ Toward A Greener Planet through IoT .” Stay tuned !
Best Regards , Edy Liongosari , Chair of the Thought Leadership Task Group