iHemp Magazine iHemp - Issue 2 - Oct 2018 - Page 7

whom depend primarily on exports. Cannabis John Smith (Hemp Technologies International) medicine is predicted to be worth $NZ70 then presented a fascinating account on the billion world-wide by 2025, and recreational use of hemp stems as a building material: As cannabis three times that amount! my nephew in the UK has recently completed an environmentally friendly house from straw, Following the lunch break, Canadian the potential to use hemp stems (or hurds) agronomist, Jeff Kostuik (Hemp Genetics added an additional dimension to my interest International) gave an invaluable account of in this knowledge. Certainly hemp grows far the Canadian scene from a viewpoint of grain quicker than pine trees, and is much easier to production. Take home messages included the handle and transport. importance of delaying sowing in the spring until soil temperatures were satisfactory, Dave and Anne Jordan of The Hemp Farm and the fact that hemp should be treated like in Waikato, have been long-term hemp any other growers, and were on a crop, with well deserved holiday. adequate However they sent a fertilizer, message of support to the weed control summit, which was read and irrigation out by Richard Barge. (if necessary). I met Professor Kim The New Pickering (Waikato Zealand University) over ten hemp seed years ago, and was very production impressed then with her scene was studies using hemp fibre discussed by in bio-composites. Her Jo Townsend video conference call at the summit did nothing to (Midlands change my views on the Seed). As importance of hemp in this Midlands area. seed is based in Ashburton, most of the information was The next speaker was supposed to be Phil about Canterbury growing conditions, and Warner (Eco Fibre) but his flight from Australia almost entirely about seed rather than fibre. was delayed. However, the following day Apart from studies done by Massey University he presented a stimulating paper on his nearly fifteen years ago on several sites on experience with the production of hemp fibre the North Island, Jo’s work provides the bulk world-wide. of NZ hemp agronomy studies: If the ihemp My personal experience with his company industry is to become established on a sound was some years ago, when I carried four kilos basis, there will be an urgent need for more of Eco Fibre’s cannabis seed from Australia to agronomic research. New Zealand for trial Modern technology work in Ashburton. The then took over, with a paranoia which existed Cannabis medicine is predicted skype conference call in New Zealand with to be worth $NZ70 billion from Bob Doyle (Hemp cannabis in those days, world-wide by 2025, and International Australia), was demonstrated when recreational cannabis 3 times with particular at flowering time, one that amount! reference to the type of these seed varieties of equipment required exceeded the 0.35% for producing hemp for THC level, and the fibre, and the difficulties of harvesting a crop whole crop had to be destroyed under police with conventional cutting equipment, when supervision. the crop comprises such strong fibres. The official Summit Dinner that evening 7