iHemp Magazine iHemp - Issue 2 - Oct 2018 - Page 5

letter from Executive Always been skeptical of bureaucrats But this takes the cake! These people are meant to be working for us, not for the Aussies, not for themselves! iHemp (Industrial Hemp) was never meant to stay under the MODA (Misuse of Drugs Act). Nor with the MOH (Ministry of Health). It was supposed to be transferred to the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) in the first ten years and then the legislation was intended to be reviewed and relaxed based upon experience within those ten years. But the MOH have disabled the industry and is choking it to death, even though the legislation was put there to avoid this. We have at least one minister that appears to be grasping this in Damien O'Connor. Is the industry capable of getting the government to stick to it's original plan? It's cost us millions at the very least. We could have had a hemp-seed food industry since 2004-2006. We are also seeking a government inquiry because some officials have done some things, that we claim were not in their mandate, nor did it help the industry or indeed New Zealand. In my mind, that is a load of 'dynamite' waiting to go off. Why these officials were stupid enough to think that they could get away with it forever, I don't know. It's up to us now. Between now and Christmas we all need to get in there and start asking the hard questions. I think, the next few months are going to be incredibly exciting. q 'Mack' Donald J MacIntosh (The GodFather of NZ Hemp) EDITORS NOTE Marco Fantham Editor [email protected] 021 0675710 The Truth about Hemp Your Govt Doesn’t Want You to Know… Cannabis is in Your DNA Jerry Day knocks it out of the park with his brief yet powerful, explanation of why we should all be consuming raw cannabis for it’s natural healing properties and countless nutritional benefits. "Your corrupt government classified cannabis as a 'DANGEROUS substance with no therapeutic value', when they knew it was one of the most vital and powerful nutrients available to mankind. Trusting people who call themselves authorities is a fools game" Jerry explains. q 5