iHemp Magazine iHemp - Issue 2 - Oct 2018 | Page 19

REEFER MADNESS An anti-cannabis propaganda movie from the 1930's and one of the most infamous exploitation movies ever made. source: Josh Spurling "R eefer Madness" (originally "Tell Your Children") was created to teach parents that it's never too early to scare the holy crap out of your kids. Through this film we learn that the soul-destroying effects of Marihuana (Mike Nelson explains in the commentary that this film was made before the invention of the letter J) far surpass those of cocaine or heroin. We see firsthand that even teens who can quote Shakespeare like nobody's business cannot escape its evils. Symptoms of casual Marihuana use: • laughing maniacally while running people down in the street • playing the piano too fast • having sexual relations with people you don't really like that much • accidentally shooting people you do like pretty well • having no recollection of being framed for murder If your child has experienced any of these symptoms, he or she is a Marihuana addict. The solution is simple: force them to watch "Reefer Madness" because if we don't heed its warning, "Reefer Madness 2" will be coming to a theater near you or you... OR YOU! 80 years of Cannabis Prohibition because of false flags like this: 19