iHemp Magazine iHemp - Issue 1 - Sept 2018 - Page 24

Book Review - https://www.facebook.com/denis.farley The Emperor Wears No Clothes J ack Herer thoroughly documents the petrochemical industry's plot to outlaw Hemp - a renewable source of paper, energy, food, textiles and medicine. Despite an offer of $100,000 for anyone able to debunk any of the claims made in the book, after twenty-five years of publication, there are no takers. Cannabis has a long history and this book points the way to discovering some of the lore, uses and knowledge of the plant from antiquity to the present. In that endeavor alone, regardless of your personal choices, the book and its author, Jack Herer, can be regarded in the same light as one might think of someone like Galileo, espousing unknown or unpopular phenomena at great personal risk and cost. The title, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" or "The Emperor Has No Clothes" is often used in political and social contexts for any obvious truth denied by the majority despite the evidence of their eyes, especially when 24 proclaimed by the government. It is derived from ‘The Emperor's New Clothes’ a Danish fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen and first published in 1837, and this tale has its roots in older folk tales. Here’s the list of chapters: 1 OVERVIEW OF THE HISTORY OF CANNABIS HEMP 2 BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE USES OF HEMP 3 NEW BILLION-DOLLAR CROP 4 THE LAST DAYS OF LEGAL CANNABIS 5 MARIJUANA PROHIBITION 6 MEDICAL LITERATURE ON CANNABIS MEDICINE 7 THERAPEUTIC USE OF CANNABIS 8 HEMPSEED AS THE BASIC WORLD FOOD 9 ECONOMICS ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT 10 MYTH, MAGIC & MEDICINE 11 THE (HEMP) WAR OF 1812, NAPOLEON & RUSSIA 12 CANNABIS DRUG USE IN 19TH CENTURY AMERICA