iHemp Magazine iHemp - Issue 1 - Sept 2018 - Page 19

There are so many variables to harvesting tall dual crops. Dave has investigated many harvesting operations worldwide and spent many hours inside harvesters untangling fiber from the machines. Many an operator has packed up their harvesting or baling kit and left the field saying: “…never again!” Dave Jordan, was not prepared to walk away however, and has committed himself to exploring the best way to harvest tall crops. "This coming season we will use two methods: One very old and one very new. Our intension is to master the whole technique so that we can help other hemp entrepreneurs to get their products to market." In 2013 HempFarm NZ purchased a Clarke D8 from TCI Australia. Dave says that the deal with TCI was not only for a D8 itself, but for the rights to further develop and produce machines to grow the hemp industry in New Zealand. The D8 was designed to work in the field and offer the farmer a processing machine that would add value to crops. HempFarm NZ invested heavily in the technology and also tried to engineer the D8 into a harvester, in the hopes it would be a one pass machine in the field. “After early trials we experienced costly and harsh failures. It was crop after crop, causing so many issues at harvest time and constant breakages of the system.” Dave decided to pull the pin on harvesting with a decorticator in the field and focus on setting up the D8 in a factory facility. Dave goes on, “The D8 is a great machine and through ongoing trials we have ended with the view that: It is best set up in a factory similar to the set up of the European models. The 19