iHemp Magazine iHemp - Issue 1 - Sept 2018 - Page 13

him. When I have needed him, like with the ‘Empowering Communities with Industrial Hemp Project’, there he was buying a car for me, to get round in. Why did I do it, when there was no money in it for me? Simple answer... “Because it was the right thing to do!” Mack explains. 2006 Legislation came into force allowing the industry to begin properly. Innovation takes a while to build up a head of steam. And given the complete interference from some officials, this is hardly surprising. Always gets up my nose when we get the steam up and it feels like they’re on our side and rooting for us ... then KABAM! A new lot arrive on the scene or the government changes and it’s “The Same BS, different day!” :-(  2009 Brought a change of attitude and CBD obsession from MOH.  As to what could actually constitute a product such as Baleage, which had to be fought for, for a few years was now determined to contain CBD. CBD is a medicine (despite there being no described applications in the Act). Frankly it is no different whatsoever to iHemp CBD. Being in MODA (Misuse of Drugs Act) the effect is still a major brake (in the on position) from an industry perspective. The license should cost around ten bucks given the almost non allowance of any products made in whole or part therefrom. Just to remind the newcomers, Ive been stating this for years. The licence in many respects should state “You can keep the stalks and do whatever you like. The rest of it compost, burn, destroy. Now doesn't that make all sorts of economic sense? But wait theres more, “After only 20 years we just might allow you to sell the highly nutritious (full of fats that make you thin) non viable processed hulled hemp seeds.” Any of you being MPI want us to waste another 20 years could by applying through the same method for whole iHemp tea flour and pollen from the males. I’ll most likely be in the ground with the bloody iHemp by the time officials get that through.   2016 Changed my breeding program (via Research Focused) on new productive breeds/ cultivars, and making real progress. Monopurp approval being sought. 2018 Is a big year for me personally, I have a few shareholders in my breeders selection now which is humungously helpful. And A1Monopurp is seeking approval under a General Licence now. This is the culmination of nearly two decades work and its hoped to roll out at least one new cultivar per annum until I get way too old.  It's still as exciting and frustrating as it has always been up until now. Regarding the iHempseed in foods; a muted ‘yah!’ for the time, effort and resources utilized in getting here. Yawn, the result is way less than the “Spectacular Economic Opportunity" it could have been, but heres hoping y’all make heaps. q A tense moment for 'Mack'. 13