iHemp issue #13 Nov 2020 | Page 46

Raw Chocolate , Kiwifruit , Hemp Smoothie

Raw chocolate , kiwifruit hemp smoothie became a lockdown favourite of mine .
It ' s real easy to make and very nu-tritious and gives a great sense of satisfaction from the raw chocolate ( Cacao - pronounced Kuh Kow ), the hemp hearts and the fruit .
You will need a " kitchen-wizz " type food blender .
Instructions for 1 serving :
1 ) Shave a tablespoon of Raw Cacao ( or cocoa ) into the blender container .
2 ) Add a pinch of Sea Salt ( just a tiny , bit which activates the tase of the chocolate ).
3 ) Add a sweetener ; up to 1 tablespoon of Raw Coconut Sugar and / or Raw Majool Date to taste .
4 ) Add 1 whole peeled Kiwifruit . 5 ) Add 3 tablespoons of Wild Rivers Hemp Hearts . 6 ) Top up with Spring Water 7 ) A dash of Cinnamon
8 ) Wizz that up and serve in an attractive glass with a slice of Kiwifruit and or shaved chocolate on top .
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