iHemp issue #13 Nov 2020 | Page 42

Cleansing & Moisturising

Purity is a priority with Hark & Zander – each ingredient has been carefully selected to improve texture , brighten complexion and leave your skin radiant and smooth . Yes please !

The botanically active blend in Hark & Zander Hemp- Tonic Face Oil combines specially chosen natural oils including squalane and sea buckthorn to help leave your skin fresh and bright , and give you the glow you deserve .
Hark & Zander Hemp-Tonic Face Oil contains 9 vitamin-rich superfood plant oils , each of which play a vital role in restoring and nourishing your skin .
Even better , it ’ s cruelty free , with no artificial colour or fragrance .
Midlands Seed and Midlands Nutrition (formerly known as Midlands Nutritional Oils) have forged a path for the local Hemp industry in this country, and will celebrate a 20 year involvement with Hemp in 2021. Collectively referred to as Midlands, these two companies have made a significant contribution to establishing New Zealand as a Hemp seed and Hemp seed foods producer recognised on the world stage. This has been achieved through our direct involvement with positive regulatory change, agronomic excellence, and an investment in infrastructure for the production of Hemp seed foods. Midlands delivers premium New Zealand Chemical Residue Free Hemp Seed Midlands Seed Hemp Seed for Sowing (Planting) Midlands Seed is the Southern Hemisphere’s leading supplier of Hemp Seed for sowing and is the only company currently producing certified Hemp Seed in both New Zealand and Australia. The climate, soils and abundant water supply of the Canterbury Plains has ensured the production of Hemp Seed for sowing of the highest quality. We have been evaluating cultivars for New Zealand conditions since we were granted our first Industrial Hemp Licence in 2001, and a selection of varieties that have been proven in New Zealand growing conditions are available, all of which are on the ‘approved’ cultivar list of the Ministry of Health. https://youtu.be/quzRbKfMklA Hemp Seed Grain Midlands Seed is renown for supplying high quality Hemp seed grain, for further processing by our Bulk wholesale customers to produce Hemp seed foods. This Hemp seed Grain is produced from selected varieties that are consistent in their hemp seed nutritional profiles, and all varieties produce hemp seed that is suitable for food production. 42 43