iHemp issue #13 Nov 2020 | Page 32

Next we are going to produce a hempbased burger , and are keen to see cheese and yoghurts made with hemp seed .
We believe in an ethical and sustainable approach to the use of resources and the environment . And are striving to establish bio regional developments , centred around the regenerative production of seed and natural fiber crops , grown and processed locally .
We started Hemp Seed Pet Foods Ltd in 2005 , and in 2018 we celebrated the change in the food regulations by dropping the word “ Pet ”.
Hemp Seed Foods , then spent 2019 investigating a hemp milk and developing our brand “ Be-all ” and the company vision . We decided that our company vision would be based on a charitable trust called " Plant It Forward " - so giving back to the hemp community and providing support for those involved in moving the hemp industry forward .
During Covid we had a soft launch of “ be-all ” and began marketing our own hulled hemp seed foods . We are proud to be working with Hemp Connect in Whanganui who dehulled our CRS1 hemp seed , which was grown by Midlands – these hemp kernels are now retailing online at be-all . nz

Next we are going to produce a hempbased burger , and are keen to see cheese and yoghurts made with hemp seed .

The food space is very exciting , but we have to add value to the product as it is a highly competitive market with other NZ brands and imported
https://youtu.be/Of5zt30Lbu8 O ur Hemp Wash Bars are the carefully considered result of rich, nourishing plant-based ingredients, combined with the active anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-ageing and antimicrobial properties of hemp seed oil and manuka honey. Gentle enough to use from head to toe, MaTo Hemp Wash Bars are packed full of the essentials that your skin craves; deeply cleansing and replenishing while leaving the skin hydrated and protected. Extra Virgin Kiwi Hemp Seed Oil in Capsules (1000mg x 100) $25.99 32 Sourced from nature: MaTo is proud to source hemp seed oil from Greenfern Industries, a New Zealand owned and operated company who cold-press their crop on-site where it’s grown in the southern climes of Lake Hawea. Greenfern operates on a non-negotiable pillar of environmental sustainability, choosing to work in harmony with nature, by raising and supplying their seed organically, and avoiding the adverse effects of irrigation, herbicides and pesticides. 33