iHemp issue #13 Nov 2020 | Page 7

But there is still an elephant in the room – CBD .

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The theme for this issue is Innovative hemp products and it is great to see our New Zealand hemp producers bringing their food and fiber products to market .

Of special note is the October 2020 launch of Hark and Zander , who have global aspirations for their expanding range of hemp cosmetics .

But there is still an elephant in the room – CBD .

Dr Nick Marsh ’ s report highlighted the massive revenue potential for high value CBD based health and wellness products .
This is an exciting , consumer driven global market and we are well placed to leverage , both our reputation as a high quality primary producer and an abundance of exciting native bio actives to export high quality products to global niche markets and realise a potential export industry of $ 1.5 billion by 2030 .
We just need the nod from the regulator , we have the products , investment , manufacturing and distribution systems in place , it just needs to be turned on .
And in a post Covid , recovering economy we should be enabled , which is after all the objective of our 2006 low THC Industrial Hemp Regulations .
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Pioneers have subsidised the

New Zealand hemp industry for many years and even though not all parts of the plant are ' legal ' at least we have access to the hulled seeds , seed oil and fibre .
Once upon a time , hemp was a commonplace plant that grew in almost every part of the world . Hemp was used in fabric and textiles , rope and sails , food , medicine and much more .
Then decades of prohibition followed , when hemp was collectively banned because of it ' s naughty cousin , “ marijuana ” and it ' s commercial threat to the emerging , Nylon , Cotton , Wood & Paper , Petro-chemical and Pharmaceutical industries .
Hulled Hemp Seed was legalized again in 2018 in New Zealand , and the plant is returning all over the world in a big way . Currently , most of the hemp grown here is being used to make hemp foods and cosmetics . However , we ’ re also seeing many new hemp products appear , from hemp t-shirts to hemp meat .
In this issue we list the Top 18 Hemp Companies in New Zealand , and some of their innovative products .