iHemp issue #13 Nov 2020 | Page 26

Lisa : In November 2018 , I made the life-impacting decision to separate from my partner and continue as a solo mother with my two children .
Although an empowering move , the stress of the transition impacted me emotionally and physically resulting in stress-induced psoriasis . The more stressed I became , the worse it got , which dramatically affected my confidence . A friend of mine introduced me to a man who produced a hemp oil , which I was told may help with my skin .
I tried the oil and woke up the following day feeling an improvement so significant , it was a lightbulb moment . The anxiety lifted , stress - gone , I was able to take a breath for the first time in weeks . I was mind blown .
Over the next two weeks , psoriasis on my skin cleared . In amazement , I started researching more on the benefits of Hemp and I fell in love . As I continued learning I became so passionate , I was adamant that others needed to know about this plant . One of the many people I shared the oil with was my friend Tarryn who had a chronic case of hives but I ’ ll let her share her experience .