iHemp issue #13 Nov 2020 | Page 11

Hemp is more valuable to the human condition than marijuana


yes vote in the recent cannabis referendum would have allowed us to have a serious conversation at Select Committee level around how a cannabis bill and the wider cannabis legislation could enable our industry and allow us to gain access to the world wide cannabinoid industry .
Kiwi hemp companies want to be supplying LIFE GIVING , HEALING cannabinoids to the sick and suffering around the world
There are also 20,000 regional jobs and $ 2 billion a year up for grabs , it just needs the nod from Government and the hemp industry will be working hard to make this happen in the next three years .
That ' s interesting considering hemp is completely harmless and has low to no THC ( the psycho-active component ). Such a safe product has a role to play in our post Covid economic recovery .
And , unfortunately the hemp industry is negatively affected by the marijuana industry , because they are both cannabis and come under the same legislation - Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 .
People , this aught not to be so !
The only reason why the hemp industry is having trouble getting ' lift-off ' in New Zealand , is because people do not know the difference between hemp ( a proven and completely safe food supplement ) and marijuana , which is linked to recreational use .