iHemp #16 EXPO Review - iHemp magazine | Page 39

reinforcement of door panels or as insulation material .
Hemp has a high concentration of cellulose , which is great for producing nanocellulose ( a thick gel-like material used in nanotechnology and the development of novel and advanced fibres ).
Hemp is resource-efficient to grow ( no fertiliser or irrigation needed ), and has high tensile strength , durability , and absorbency . Hemp is also reported to have anti-mildew and antimicrobial properties and due to its fast growth , stores a lot of atmospheric carbon dioxide .
NMR technology ( Metabolic Network Reactor ) can help hemp growers . It is used for the fast screening of extracts from hemp particularly the cannabinoids . There have been over 100 identified non-cannabinoid secondary metabolites that have unrealised economic potential . Scion is looking how to utilise these compounds to make hemp an even more attractive crop .
In a circular bioeconomy none of the carbon goes to waste . So , for the small percentage that will go to medicinal purposes - it doesn ’ t represent the mass of the bulk of hemp that will be growing as the industry develops .
So , Scion is looking for other uses for these other materials . They will be a suite of things . From new chemicals , to resources for making new biocomposites .
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