iHemp #16 EXPO Review - iHemp magazine | Page 38

Handy hemp fibres

How many valuable compounds , features and parts can you get from a tree ?

Scion is a Crown Research Institute that specialises in research , science and technology development for the forestry , wood product , wood-derived materials , and other biomaterial sectors .

There is no shortage of commercial applications for hemp . From food to bioplastics and even biocomposite construction materials like ‘ hempcrete ’ ( hemp fibres and lime ), it is clear the fibrous plant has a lot of potential .
Scion is poised to help hemp growers , product designers and innovative brands to cultivate and use this plant in new sustainable products , matching the requirements of a circular bioeconomy .

Handy hemp fibres

There is a growing opportunity to use hemp fibres , an untapped waste stream of the New Zealand hemp growing industry , in various biocomposite or textile applications .
Hemp has long fibres that are suitable for a range of applications including the automotive industry . Mainly for