iHemp #16 EXPO Review - iHemp magazine | Page 28

Webtools Agritech supports Processors , Aggregators , and Manufacturers with the tools necessary to :

• Reward value created at the producer level ,
• Communicate value to the consumer and
• Celebrate the diversity of the ecology and the consumer at scale .
Brett O ' Donnell and Melissa Baer both come from agriculture backgrounds . Brett from the Hawkes Bay where he put in his dues picking apples , and Melissa from Baden Ontario Canada , where she put in her fair share of time on the Organic farm .
Melissa ' s dad started growing hemp twenty years ago and she is also a grower . So she is familiar with the industry , the products and the benefits of using hemp for food , fibre and wellness . She explains :
" I love the concept , I love the product ,
I love the future and what ' s possible regarding the environmental aspect ."
Melissa Baer CEO Webtools Agritech hello @ webtools . ag