IGNITE Summer 2019 - Page 9

“In some cases, the truck design needed to be altered to accommodate the motor placement,” Frantz says. “Students realized their measurements needed to be exact, or they’d have lopsided trucks or wheels that wouldn’t fit.” From there, the pairs decided on a food to serve from their trucks. Using classroom iPads, they researched ingredients to calculate the cost of serving 100 customers, as well as their expected profit. Though the food was imagined, the results of the project were very real. The groups used the school’s open house, Christmas play, and social media accounts to engage potential sponsors for each of their trucks. The final donations totaled $1,000. Proceeds went to the Carson Wentz A01 Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to “demonstrating the love of God and infusing His hope by feeding all people and uplifting communities.” One of the foundation’s key outreaches is Thy Kingdom Crumb, an initiative that distributes free meals around Philadelphia — via food truck. The students presented their check to an A01 representative in March at a school-wide assembly. Spectators watched a prerecorded video of the food trucks racing in the parking lot, cheering as teams were presented awards. Fries, Stripes, and Water Ice: Meet the Winners Fastest Food Truck: Michael and Ben’s compact Water Ice Truck Best Design & Construction: Julia and Grace’s ‘50s-inspired Fry Guys truck Best Business Plan: Robert and Justin’s Sixers’ Steaks cheesesteak truck Best Overall: Katherine and Lola’s pink- striped Cupcakes-A-Go-Go truck Frantz says while she was impressed by the students’ focus and fundraising, what stood out most were the personal touches. “Each team added its own preferences and interests to their truck,” she said. “Some chose foods that were part of their heritage. We had a Filipino food truck, Mexican food truck, donut truck, cappuccino truck, and a burger and shake truck with a fun ‘50s pattern. Each one was a unique reflection of its designers.” 9