IGNITE Fall 2018 - Page 8

Making Her Move: Meet the New CEO of Faith in the Future Irene Horstmann Hannan successfully managed billions of dollars in banking. Now she’s set her sights on Catholic education. W hen Irene Horstmann Hannan decided to switch careers after 25 years in banking, she was unsure what role to seek next. She did, however, have a few general criteria in mind: First, she wanted to work in the nonprofit sector, in which she had recently managed a $6 billion loan portfolio as a Senior Vice President of Citizens Bank. Second, she sought to make an impact through education — a passion she cultivated as a member of the Mayor’s Commission on Literacy under Mayor Michael Nutter. 18 8 in the Future. Based in Philadelphia, the organization operates the 17 high schools and four schools of special education within AOPS. “The people here made me realize why I want to be here — and why I believe I can help impact Faith in the Future’s success,” says Horstmann Hannan, who joined as CEO in August. “The mission is so strong, and it’s such a relevant message for today, impacting students, teachers, administrators, and board members. That’s what excites me most.” And finally, Horstmann Hannan wanted a role in which she could give back to her local community, as she had as a member of the Board of Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania. Horstmann Hannan now leads the organization in executing that mission: preparing students to be active citizens by equipping them with strong values and improved academics. She says she has been especially impressed by the organization’s modern approach to education. As it turns out, her next career was seeking her out as well. While transitioning out of her role at Citizens Bank, Horstmann Hannan was approached about joining Faith “There is no other organization doing what Faith in the Future is doing,” she says. “The fact that we are small, nimble, and flexible has brought a new perspective on