IGNITE Fall 2018 - Page 23

CREATIVE APPS FOR STUDENTS OF ALL AGES SketchBook – Draw and Paint This digital art studio includes pencils, pens, paintbrushes, and sketching tools — plus a tool for scanning and importing images from drawings on paper. Free to download with no in-app purchase options. Sandbox – Color by Number Coloring Pages Students can use this color-by-number app to select greyscale pictures from a gallery, then fill in each numbered section, pixel by pixel. Fun and intuitive, Sandbox reinforces number recognition and fine motor skills. Free to download; includes in-app purchases. GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine Give budding directors and producers all the tools they need to make their own stop-motion movies. This app’s simple tools, tutorials, and examples earned it a spot on the App Store Best of 2014 list. Free to download with no in-app purchase options. Color Unexplored Engage students with interactive experiments, color illusions, and informational videos. Developed by an interactive museum of science, art, and human perception, this app explores the theory, science, and psychology of color. Free to download with no in-app purchase options. GarageBand Turn mobile devices into touch-based music instruments — then record studio-level music. This app can also teach beginners how to play and compose music on both piano and guitar. Free to download with no in-app purchase options. DIY App – Creative Community for Kids This app allows students to explore over 140 skills — including illustrating, animating, fashion design, and Minecraft — then share their creations and progress with fellow students. Free to download with no in- app purchase options. 23