IGNITE Fall 2018 - Page 11

“I still have students four years later tell me, ‘It was the best day ever!’” back to at least five class concepts. They typically include a small item participants can take home to explain the lesson to their families. For the first graders, that effort pays off as a day packed with eye-opening experiences. “I still have students four years later tell me, ‘It was the best day ever!’” says Conricode. “They love learning from the ‘Wood kids.’ It really sparks an interest in science topics beyond our curriculum.” But what do the elementary students really retain? Ignite polled former first graders to see what they remembered from their time at the science fair. Second grader Sylvie Salter took it to heart that even the smallest action can impact the environment. Fourth grader Abby Troy will never forget seeing how light made her classmates’ pupils constrict and dilate. Wowing the Crowd What does it take to capture a first grader’s attention? Here are the most recent topics covered during the Science is Fun fair at Nativity of Our Lord. Save the Bees, Love our Pollinators Renewable Energy: Using Hydroelectricity to Power Lights And for fifth grader Tommy Kelly, the Science is Fun fair was exactly that — fun. “I liked getting out of class,” he says, “and doing science for half the day.” Promote Local Biodiversity with DIY Birdfeeders How Littering Affects Local Wildlife Recycle Ball: How to Follow the Numbers on Recyclable Items 11