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In year 9 students will embark on the Cambridge IGCSE course. Students will be given the theme of "Subcultures" to respond to. The theme is broad ranging and allows for students to respond in a personal manner. Students will begin work on the first part of the course, their coursework project. A finished art portfolio consists of 8 A2 sheets of supporting studies and 1 final outcome.

Students will gather and generate ideas in response to the theme, looking at a range of artists who will influence their work. Students will investigate sources from direct observation, second hand sources such as the internet and their own experiences.

During the year students will begin by refining their drawing and painting skills by undertaking still life and figure studies.

Students will research a range of ideas in response to the project and ensure that their ideas are supported by the work of other artist in terms of both concepts and techniques. Students will enhance their ability to work from direct observation and improve the control they have over a range of techniques and materials. As the course progresses students will design sketches of their compositions and ideas for the creation of larger A2 pieces. Working at home independently is a vital part of the development of the coursework portfolio, whether this is to continue with practical work or to research in to their area of ​​focus.

Term 1 - Students will be introduced to the IGCSE course. Students will be shown examples of what a finished coursework project looks like visually to understand the different sizes of drawings and paintings required and the importance of images which develop and change. Students will investigate the theme of portraiture and link their work to an artist which influences them. Students will investigate figure studies and drawings of the art room mannequin to gain a clearer understanding of still life. During this term the focus will be on improving students use of techniques and materials.

Term 2 - Students will begin to create images for their larger A2 pieces of coursework. Students will create smaller sketches in preparation for their larger pieces. Focus will be placed on creating a balanced composition. Both artist influence and observational drawing will be important in the creation of these pieces. Students will investigate the setting in which they place their figure. Focus this term will be on the creation of a larger coursework drawing which enhances the formal elements of art in students work.

Term 3 - In this Term students ideas and abilities will become more clear and focused. Students will create finished A3 pencil studies using pencil and color pencil to produce finished A3 and A2 images. Students will use the skills that they have learned throughout the year, and bring together their ideas and concepts into a fully realized set of images. Focus this term will be placed on compositional skills and demonstrating a clear understanding and control over their use of techniques and abilities.