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Aims of the Course

Food and Nutrition gives students the chance to develop their knowledge and skills in food and nutrition that is relevant to their own lives and gain a better understanding of why food and nutrition are important in a modern, changing, multi-cultural societyCandidates must apply knowledge and use practical skills in a way that keeps in mind factors such as family needs and lifestyles, available money and foodstuffs, and how diet relates to health.

Course Description

Cambridge IGCSE Food and Nutrition is accepted by universities and employers as proof of knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition. Successful Cambridge IGCSE Food and Nutrition candidates gain lifelong skills, including:

• an understanding of nutrition and of health problems related to poor diet

• an understanding of how income affect diet

• an awareness of how eating patterns and dietary needs depend on age

• an awareness of the differences in diet and nutrition in developed and developing countries

• the ability to assess the validity of claims made by the food industry

• an interest in the creative aspect and enjoyment of food

• food preparation and food preservation

• the ability to organize and manage family food resources

• knowledge of safety and hygiene requirements


The course is assessed as follows:

Paper 1 Written Examination (2 Hours) 50%

Paper 2 - Planning Session (1 hour 30 minutes) 25%

- Practical Test (2:30 hours) 25%