IGCSE Booklet ENG - Page 12


Exam Board - EDEXCEL

This course will help you gain an understanding of the exciting nature of Chemistry today. It includes a wide range of experimental work which is designed to support learning as well as develop practical skills.

You will be given opportunities to:

Learn about the patterns and themes of Chemistry.

Appreciate the practical nature of Chemistry, acquiring experimental and investigative skills based on correct and safe laboratory techniques.

Appreciate the importance to scientific methods of accurate experimental work and reporting.

Form hypotheses and design experiments to test them.

Develop a logical approach to problem solving in a wider context.

Understand the widespread importance of Chemistry and the way materials are used in the world.

Appreciate how the work of the Chemist has social, industrial, technological, environmental and economic consequences for the community.

Prepare for more advanced courses in Chemistry and for courses which require you to have a knowledge of Chemistry.

There are four areas of content:

Principles of Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Organic chemistry

Assessment is 100% External Examination

Paper 1 61.1% of the total International GCSE

Paper 2 38.9% of the total International GCSE