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Introduction With over 400 bingo websites in the UK market and an almost constant stream of TV adverts, we believe it is time for a review of the market. Welcome to the WhichBingo Online Bingo Annual Report 2016 According to Gambling Compliance, the UK online gaming market is forecast to pass £3 billion by 2016, with bingo-led gaming estimated to account for around a third of the UK gaming NGR. Being 100% independently owned allows WhichBingo to have a unique vantage point and opinion over the software, the brands, the operators, skin owners and the players that make up what was once, but no longer, seen as igaming’s ugly duckling. Why a review of 2015? Summer 2005 became what was seen as the beginnings of the UK online bingo market with Gala and Yahoo launching pay-to-play bingo sites. Whilst there had been others before them, this was considered a pivotal moment for the sector; the big boys were now taking this igaming backwater seriously. Fast forward ten years and there are now over 400 sites in the market and an almost constant stream of bingo advertising on UK TV screens. With major M&A both having happened, and happening, as we go to print, a market sector seemingly at plateau and the effects of POC starting to take full effect, WhichBingo felt it was the right time to take an indepth, independent view of the state of play in the online bingo industry. idiosyncrasies with some interesting never-beforereported insights. We also asked a number of the industry’s major players for their views on what the sector holds for 2016 and beyond. About WhichBingo Widely recognised as the UK’s leading resource for the online bingo player, WhichBingo has, since its UK launch in 2004, been at the forefront of the UK online bingo market. Much more than ‘just another superaffiliate’ WhichBingo has developed into the online bingo sector’s go-to marketing partner, expert in the niche, and the industry stamp of authority with the WhichBingo awards. WhichBingo is the UK’s largest online bingo directory, listing every bingo site in the UK market. WhichBingo first launched in 2000 with the UK-focused site debuting in 2004. The site also runs the online bingo industry’s premier awards, the WhichBingo Awards, the ceremony for which, this year, takes place in May in London. The site was named EGR ‘s ‘Best Bingo Affiliate 2015’ and has previously won awards from iGB, EGR, GaffG and the Online Bingo Summit. What’s in this report? This inaugural issue of the WhichBingo Online Bingo Annual Report contains an analysis of the year’s TV advertising spend by bingo brands, a topline investigation into how the sector is using social media channels, a study on the SEO performance of major bingo brands, an examination of the myriad bingo site launches and closures that have occurred during 2015, and the results of the online bingo industry’s largest ever survey of bingo players. The survey takes a closer look at their habits, likes & dislikes and playing WhichBingo Online Bingo Annual Report 2016 5