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Contrary to popular industry belief, players who play exclusively on mobile and tablet deposit less than those who play exclusively on desktop and laptop computers. Which channels would you use to contact a bingo site for help? % of players surveyed Live chat 63% Email 53% Phone 25% Facebook 13% How much do you deposit per month on average Desktop & Laptop only players Mobile & Tablet only players £10 or less 8.0% 9.0% Twitter 2% £10 - £25 22.0% 27.1% Other 1% £25 - £50 22.8% 24.3% £50 - £100 22.8% 19.7% More than £100 24.3% 19.9% Withdrawals and wagering Almost a third of all players have never made a withdrawal from an online bingo site, and one in five have attempted to withdraw but been refused. The most common reason for withdrawals being refused were players not meeting wagering requirements. It is staggering to find that almost 40% of players surveyed said they did not fully understand what wagering requirements were. However this did not stop them depositing and playing at online bingo sites. Yes No Have you ever made a successful withdrawal? 68% 32% Have you ever been refused a withdrawal? 18% 82% Do you know what wagering requirements are? 61% 39% Do you take part in online bingo chat rooms? % of players surveyed I like to join in with chat 54.3% I like to watch, but don’t chat 26.0% I’ve no interest in chat whatsoever 19.7% Summary of an ‘average’ bingo player • Female aged between 45-54 • Is a member of between 1-5 bingo sites Support channels When asked which channels they would use to contact a bingo site for help, the vast majority of players said they would prefer to use live chat followed by email. Only a quarter of players said they would like to use a phone support line. Only 1 in 10 players said that they would use Facebook to contact a bingo site, whilst hardly any players had a preference for Twitter or any other social channels. “Player promiscuity is well-known in the online bingo market, and this is supported by our data.” 16 Bingo chat rooms Chat rooms have long been identified as an important factor in bingo players’ choice of sites to play at and this is supported by the research. Four out of five players revealed that they do enjoy interacting with or just watching the bingo chat rooms. However, the split between those actively engaging in chat and those not is almost 50-50. A sizeable 20%, or one in five players, said that they have no interest in chat whatsoever. • Deposits between £10-£25 per month on bingo • Likes to play bingo and slots but doesn’t like casino games • Plays for a couple of hours at a time, several times a week • Plays bingo at home on the sofa on a laptop • Prefers to use live chat to contact a bingo site’s support team • Is more likely to engage with a bingo site on Facebook than Twitter • Likes to participate and chat in bingo rooms