iGB Intelligence reports - Page 14

Online Bingo Player Survey The survey* looked at UK bingo players’ demographics, their spending and playing habits as well as where they play and where they look for support. Demographics Over half of online bingo players in the UK are aged between 35-54. Whilst this positions the market as distinctly ‘middle-aged’, one must also note that the second largest segment by age are those between 5564. With this in mind, almost three quarters (73.63%) of those surveyed fall between the ages of 35 and 65 years old. The youngest age group (18 to 24) only accounted for 3.5% of all respondents. Female players accounted for 81% of those surveyed, although the 19% figure for male players does represent an increase of 4% on last year’s survey results. Player promiscuity is well-known in the online bingo market, and this is supported by our data. Almost a quarter of players (22%) are members of more than 10 bingo sites and 1 in 7 are members of more than 15 sites. However, more than half of those surveyed are members of up to only 5 online bingo sites (56%). Online Bingo Demographics 3.5% 9.1% 13.8% 22.9% 20.9% 29.8% 14 How many sites are you a member of? % of players No sites 4% 1 - 5 sites 56% 6 - 10 sites 18% 11 - 15 sites 7% Over 15 sites 15% Spending habits Although player disloyalty is widespread in terms of membership it is interesting to note that almost one in every five players surveyed revealed they had never made a deposit at any online bingo site despite being members of at least one. This could be down to players taking advantage of no deposit sign-up deals and then never going on to become a depositing player. It does point to a huge amount of wastage in player recruitment activity. As can be noted, whilst membership of multiple sites is extensive, actual depositing and playing is spread across fewer sites. How many sites have you ever deposited at? % of players surveyed No sites 18% 1 - 5 sites 55% 6 - 10 sites 14% 11 - 15 sites 4% Over 15 sites 9% One would expect players to spend small amounts on bingo sites and this can be seen in our data with more than 40% of players depositing £25 or less per month. However, it is interesting to note that almost the same percentage are spending between £25 and £100. The much sought-after ‘whales’, those that deposit more than £100 per month, account for just under 20% of the market. How much do you deposit per month on average? % of players surveyed £10 or less 14.5% £10 - £25 27.7% £25 - £50 21.3% 18 - 24 yrs old 45 - 54 yrs old £50 - £100 18.5% 25 - 34 yrs old 55 - 64 yrs old More than £100 18% 35 - 44 yrs old Over 65 yrs old *In December 2015, WhichBingo undertook their biggest ever survey of online bingo players. The survey ran for two weeks and received a total of 1,120 responses.