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Social Media According to our research, the online bingo industry is getting social media all wrong. Our research suggests that online bingo brands are tweeting, posting and broadcasting messages several times a day and no one seems to be the slightest bit interested. Observations from the top ten • On average, the total amount of traffic referred from social media channels was 2.98% It could be said that the online bingo industry and perhaps some other areas of the igaming industry are getting it wrong when it comes to social media for one main reason - brands are just broadcasting messages. • Online bingo brands had on average over 21,800 Facebook fans by the end of 2015 It has long been suggested that measuring the success of any social media marketing activity against the amount of followers, retweets and likes is wrong. What is needed in any social media activity is engagement, and that means conversations. Talking to audiences in any industry requires careful attention to engendering a sense of community and offering something in return for any desired action or outcome. Sadly, this isn’t the case in 2015 for most of the online bingo brands we’ve looked at. • On average, online bingo brands had 3,469 Twitter followers • On average, online bingo brands tweeted over 3,000 times a year. That’s over 8 tweets per day on average. So what about Twitter? In table 2, opposite, the figures from our Online Bingo Player Census show a core bingo-playing audience aged between 35 to 55+ make up over 80% of those surveyed. If you take that same age range and transpose it over Twitter’s demographic data (table 3 opposite) we see that less than half of Twitter users cover the same age range. Social media referrals The top 10 online bingo brands that had the best referring website traffic from social media in 2015 is shown in Table 1 below. Table 1 - Social media referral traffic No Brand Overall % of traffic from social * No. of Facebook fans No. of Twitter followers No. of Tweets 1 Sing Bingo 6.91 2554 50 0 2 Mecca Bingo 3.28 103, 274 21,000 14,700 3 888 Ladies 3.52 17,380 2,081 4,321 4 Lucky Pants Bingo 3.23 5,363 215 757 5 Winner Bingo 3.34 15,417 975 1,666 6 Landmark Bingo 2.04 170 855 1,548 7 Robin Hood Bingo 2.03 21,596 2,301 2,251 8 Butlers Bingo 1.94 22, 855 1,536 1,516 9 Heart Bingo 1.81 8,652 527 1,078 10 tombola Bingo 1.78 99, 554 5,153 3, 547 Source: Similarweb.com. Data accurate to 13th January 2016. * Figures will include traffic from other social media channels. 12