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However, I believe it is also an opportunity. Firstly, we can use this as a chance to build greater trust with our customers and improve relationships, and secondly we can improve advertising and communications as we move further away from an emphasis on products and offers towards pure brand building. By creating strong brands, we can increase customer loyalty in the process. We can see some parallels with the alcohol industry which has used regulation and concerns about excess consumption to its advantage. By actively supporting and working with the authorities to tackle any issues, as well as innovative advertising, the UK alcohol industry has gone from strength to strength. Online gaming can take lessons from this and, even in the short term, realise benefits. Sreeram Reddy Vanga, Managing Director, Cozy Games The widespread use of handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets have resulted into tremendous growth of online gambling companies. There is a rising shift in player traffic towards mobile gaming. According to the Gambling Compliance Research Services (GCRS), online gambling revenues, alone, will probably soar to GBP 3.22 billion in 2016 and mobile revenues would definitely add considerable amounts, as well. With HTML5 doing wonders, service providers are slowly feeling the pressure of going responsive or launching their own mobile app. With both browserbased and downloadable app versions of our bingo websites, we currently receive 40% of our player traffic from mobile devices and expect this number to rise considerably in 2016. The bingo market is in flux and it’s make or break. To be able to capture the target player base, you need the skill to understand player habits and the acumen to integrate technology to entice them to your offerings. What would prove the mettle of the operators, in the coming times, would definitely be their ability to adapt and improve. 22 Adam French, Bingo Operations Manager, WilliamHill Bingo The change in TV advertising rules will have a big impact on what companies push above the line and due to this we will see a change in TV spend strategy and also the offers promoted. With sign up offers continuing to be fairly generic across the online bingo industry, I think we will see even more variation, in terms of the offers available or towards giving players a choice of sign up offers. The increase in new lower ball variants will continue to play an important role in the market’s direction. Products focused on lower call rates lean favourably towards the mobile market and align with strategies of mobile first which is common practice. This and other developments will be driven from networks but also on a site level with the continued emergence of bespoke development. Omni-channel will continue to be a key feature of site and product development. Responsive designs to ensure consistent user experiences, as well as products being available across all platforms, will help shape development plans for 2016. “The introduction of regulation in the UK has already had considerable impact on the gambling industry and will continue to do so.”