iGB Intelligence reports iGB Market Monitor December 2018 - Page 10

Part 1: Spain – the state gives with one hand… is that it is likely they will be in the dark as to pushes to expand in the Spanish market in 2019 the exact conditions affecting the marketing from a number of operators in the form of an of online gambling as the window for the next increased push from existing operators as well as round of licences closes in mid-December. the introduction of others. This will be the last licensing window for three “The reduction in GGR tax does indeed make years. The double bind is that marketing is more it an even more attractive marketplace but the important for any new entrants and any further potential restriction on advertising, along with hindrance in getting to market hands even more the current calls for a return to sports, may force advantage to the incumbents. operators to think carefully before diving in. We will soon find out how many have weighed With the above said, we do expect the market to up the attractions of a growing market and continue to grow at a healthy rate, and be a good a lower tax rate versus as yet unknown new place to compete for responsible operators.” marketing measures. “The trends we are seeing in the market are Q2 analysis making it an increasingly competitive place,” It is clear from the gross gaming yield (GGY) says Martin-Ortega. “We do expect to see further figures released by the Spanish gambling Chart 6: Sports betting year-on-year monthly comparison June 2017-June 2018 (GGY % change) 250 200 150 100 50 0 -50 -100 Jun-17 Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Oct-17 Nov-17 Dec-17 Jan-18 Feb-18 Mar-18 Apr-18 May-18 Jun-18 Feb-18 Mar-18 Apr-18 May-18 Jun-18 Source: DGOJ Chart 7: Online casino monthly GGY June 2017-June 2018 (€m) 25 20 15 10 5 0 Jun-17 Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Oct-17 Nov-17 Dec-17 Jan-18 Source: DGOJ iGaming Business Market Monitor • December 2018 7