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$ 100m

Expected US contribution to Better Collective ’ s revenue by the end of 2022

“ The acquisition is another sign of where the centre of gravity for gaming affiliates now resides – and that is firmly in the US ”
The initiation note from the analyst team at Jefferies , for instance , will make interesting reading for anyone involved in the US gaming affiliates sector . Using their internal estimates for US sports betting total addressable market ( TAM ) of around $ 38bn at maturity , and then suggesting that the spending on affiliate marketing will be up to 30 % of the total marketing spend ( itself at around 30 % of the TAM ), the analysts suggest the gaming affiliates are looking at a market worth between $ 2.4- $ 3bn a year .
That calculation certainly helps explain some of the sums of money being lavished on M & A in the sector and suggests there will be much more to come .
October 2021