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He noted how the landscape for regulated sports betting and igaming could change quickly in the US , depending on the politics in each state . “ This time last year we only expected Michigan to open ,” he pointed out . “ Things can change considerably and very quickly in North America .”
One issue he addressed was the obvious seasonality of the US sports season and how that related to the affiliate business .
“ There is an acquisition cycle in relation to the sports seasonality ,” he said . “ Maybe 90 % of affiliation is associated with NFL . I ’ m not sure anything has been exactly typical so far in the US . States
[ have been ] added throughout the season , plus there was the Covid thing .”
But Daly suggested a ‘ regular ’ calendar would look like the following : September is the highest peak of affiliation . That then tails off by 30-50 % in October depending on how the season is going , then falls again in November . Then there is a pickup in December through January , with a high point being hit once again at the start of February with the Superbowl .
But he cautioned that the pattern was liable to disruption . “ Volatility is going to be unavoidable and that will be amplified by further state launches ,” he added .
“ Maybe 90 % of affiliation is associated with NFL ”
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