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Appellation Earth™ wines, from US-based wine negotiators Wine Trade Network, is the first brand to combine Avery Dennison’s intelligent labeling solutions with Everledger’s blockchain-based platform, with additional brands expected to join a limited-access, early-adopter program this fall.

Powered by near-field communication (NFC) technology, a highly-secured, non-copy and tamper-resistant inlay is adhered to the bottle label, giving each bottle a unique digital identity and enabling chain-of-custody data to be captured throughout the supply chain through the supporting blockchain technology.

A trio of prototypes gives consumers a choice

Another illustration is Avery Dennison’s collection of tequila packaging prototypes, created in response to an ideation session with label manufacturer Eurostampa and The Concept Lab, Avery Dennison’s creative hub for applying design thinking to packaging problems.

The trio of NFC-enabled label prototypes, featured in “Tangle Tequila” on M_use, create a tiered approach to consumer engagement. Targeted toward a younger audience, the base-level prototype invites the consumer to tap the label with their NFC-enabled mobile device and watch a video with a delicious DIY cocktail recipe.

For the premium level prototype, designed for the connoisseur, the NFC-enabled label goes a step farther, connecting the buyer to the tequila’s entire story -- tracing the product’s journey from barrel number to store shelf.

Blockchain and intelligent label solutions deliver more

“In our always-on and informed world, consumers need more information than what we can print on a bottle or a box. Intelligent labels and blockchain give us the ability to make this information digital and augment it with new functionality and trusted traceability,” says Julie Vargas, director, Global RFID market development, food at Avery Dennison.

To learn more about blockchain and intelligent labeling, read “What’s in a label? Blockchain and the future of food and drink packaging” on M_use (

Intelligent labeling solutions such as RFID and QR codes are one way label designers are connecting consumers from the package to the data stored on the blockchain in order to provide insight into a product’s journey