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Sleek cans: elegant and refined

The PepsiCo brands (Mountain Dew, 7Up, …) have chosen to change from a 330ml regular can to a 330ml sleek-style can in a number of key European markets. These sleek-style cans are easier to take with you and at the same time are perceived as more elegant and refined.

Pepsi 330ml sleek-style cans, launched in 2015 in Italy, are now found across Europe.

Perfect for on-the-go consumption

The European-wide trend is towards smaller can sizes, as a smaller serving size has benefits for the consumer. It can be offered at a lower price point and proves to be the perfect choice for on-the-go-consumption, which is especially appealing to a young target group. The evolution of can formats is not a soft drinks phenomenon, it’s also happening in the beer market too. In Turkey, instead of the standard 330ml beer cans, new 330ml sleek versions are popular and appreciated. It shows that by changing the can format a different feeling or image can be portrayed to consumers, even if the fill volume remains the same.

Young and health conscious Europeans show a fondness for smaller cans

Another great reason for offering a beverage in a smaller can is the European-wide trend towards a healthier lifestyle. Consumers nowadays are more and more health conscious. Many companies (for example Coca-Cola) have introduced ‘mini cans’ with lower fill volumes and therefore lower calorie servings.

Coca-Cola Mini 150ml cans.