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Technology Trends

Strategies in a FinTech-driven world

FinTech is clearly the primary driver of change in financial services right now , with new innovations and consequential shifts in consumer expectations . The rise of robo-advisors , in particular , has stolen a lot of the spotlight and sparked fears of rendering financial advisors obsolete . Luckily , according to a January 2022 MDRT survey , that is unlikely to happen . Consumers still want human advisors to look at their finances , and clients will continue to knock on our doors .
How Americans manage their finances
How Americans want their personal finances managed
29 % human advisor only
36 % Entirely by people
54 % Neither human advisor nor robo-advisor
12 % human advisor and robo-advisor
5 56 %
8 % %
A mix of people , Robo-advisor only robo-advisors and technology
Entirely by robo-advisor and technology