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Recruitment Trends
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Recruitment Trends

Recruiting in a post-pandemic reset

Recruiting needs to go beyond passive job postings . It requires you to think like a marketer .
The struggle to find and retain top talent is real . Not only do you have to find people with the right skills ; you need to find people who want to fill the position in your firm .
In today ’ s environment , strong compensation , workplace culture , and the opportunity for professional growth will always prevail . However , more candidates are seeking greater flexibility due to the demands of childcare , pet care , commuting expenses , and overall wellbeing .
Too many candidates have been disenchanted by prior work experiences . As a result , they are more selective and will filter opportunities based on new criteria . Post-pandemic , people want their sense of structure back and to know they are in the right place . It requires us to recruit with more awareness .
Culture drivers
When introducing your firm to candidates , define the company values you and your team embody in the marketplace . Then , explain how you are looking for “ culture drivers ” on your team . Candidates need to understand how this role can help them achieve something larger than themselves . They want to feel connected to your corporate values and how your firm can help them achieve what they want in life as well .
Tiffany Markarian helps BGAs , wealth advisors and insurance professionals advance their business momentum . She is a frequent author for industry journals and has spoken at numerous industry conferences , including FPA , FSP , NAILBA , GAMA , NAPFA , and regional broker / dealers . She is the Founder and Managing Director of Advantus Marketing , LLC and can be reached at tiffany @ advantusmarketing . com or on Twitter @ AdvantusMktg .
Purpose-driven hiring
Post-pandemic recruiting is about rethinking your messaging . Rather than focusing solely on job tasks , or selling your firm , explain the outcomes your job creates . For example , if you are hiring someone for your case management team , the emphasis is not solely on accuracy or scrubbing applications ( yes , that is critical !). When you position the role this way , it can sound like pushing widgets down a manufacturing belt .
Instead , explain how a case manager ’ s purpose is fostering the critical link between financial advisors doing business with your firm , taking care of consumers ’ economic and emotional security , and driving bottom-line profitability . You can then share the professional development and growth opportunities available through programs such as the NAILBA Certified Case Manager Program ( NCCM ).
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