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Digital Marketing Trends

Strategies for creating a personal brand

71 % of American consumers want their advisors to use social media or e-newsletters as a mode of communication – yet only 31 % stated that their advisors use these platforms .
Building the visibility of your digital brand is crucial for increasing your client base , showcasing your best business practices , and tapping into your skill set as a professional insurance advisor . Your brand should be an intentional effort to create and influence public perception by positioning yourself as an authority in your field , elevating your credibility and differentiating yourself . Branding plays a large role in how a prospective client perceives you or your firm , but the intangible values you deliver help to determine if they want to build a relationship .
Reach new prospects
To reach more prospective clients , advisors can highlight their expertise by leveraging digital tactics like e-newsletters , web banners , social advertisements , SEO , etc . In addition , designing relevant contests or interactive social media posts helps to attract new clients . For example , share daily financial tips and best practices across various online channels to help reach new clients .
Be persistent , and don ’ t hesitate to try different angles before you determine what your brand is . Ask other advisors how they created their personal brand .
Leverage the industry
Consider tapping into industry experts or associations to further refine your brand . Attending association meetings and educational programming can offer insights and networking for gaining insight on how to refine your brand and utilize strategies to reach target clientele . A few helpful resources when creating your brand include Grant Hicks ’ s Advisor Practice Management and Bill Bachrach ’ s Advisor Roadmap .
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Promote your brand Once you ’ ve built your brand , promote it where your prospects spend their time these days : online . 71 % of American consumers want their advisors to use social media or e-newsletters as a mode of communication – yet only 31 % stated that their advisors use these platforms , according to a 2019 MDRT survey .
When creating digital content , keep in mind it ’ s better to be brief , but helpful with your social and blog posts . And instead of solely utilizing methods like print brochures , try creating a PDF version and uploading it to your social media .
For example , let ’ s say your firm focuses on health insurance . Consider creating a FAQ video on what people need to know about purchasing health insurance and posting it to your website and social channels . This could include debunking health insurance myths or sharing different strategies for health insurance depending on a client ’ s age and needs .
To keep your audience engaged , make sure your website and social channels are consistently up to date with the services you offer and trends you ’ d like to discuss . Lastly , interact with prospects online with the intent of forging a relationship . Becoming a familiar face online will ensure you ’ ll continually have a stream of new prospects reaching out to you .
Finding ways to meet your audience where they ’ re at and offering the information they ’ re seeking will allow you to connect in a way that also feels true to your brand .