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SUMMER 2022 11
With discussions grounded in data and research , financial professionals can help clients navigate market uncertainty more easily , remain aligned with their long-term goals , and realize that staying the course is often the best course . In this role as trusted educator and strategic expert , financial professionals can demonstrate the value and expertise they bring to the table .
Once clients ’ minds have been put at ease , the next step for the financial professional is to recommend further discussions around their clients ’ goals to determine if any have shifted and if necessary adjustments need to be made . Having constructive conversations around goals and next steps can help grow and protect their assets in the long run , regardless of market instability .
And not all change is negative . In fact , change is often a catalyst for reflection , reevaluation , and discovery . Understanding where clients are amid the current uncertainty may offer valuable insight for financial professionals to provide the guidance clients may need to help them avoid making impulsive decisions .
Act , don ’ t react
It is only natural for clients — and financial professionals — to feel overwhelmed by today ’ s headlines . But remember , clients can ’ t manage the markets , but they can manage how they react to them — and that ’ s where having a trusted financial professional can help . By taking these proactive steps to engage , inform , and recommend , financial professionals can help clients navigate market volatility and stay aligned with their long-term financial goals .
For additional client-approved resources to help financial professionals with these conversations , please visit : Stabilize Instability .
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