ANNUAL REPORT 3 Message from the Head of School DR. TIM STUART Building on the past Students and teachers during the 2017- 2018 school year benefited greatly from the direction set, decisions made and actions taken the year before. This year, ICS students benefited greatly from the addition of a new middle school building, a learning space designed to facilitate a more collaborative, flexible and personalized model of education. In addition, our students and community members benefited from the expansion of our athletic facilities through the construction of a new sports pavilion. Building the present ICS is committed to ensuring that all students learn and engage at the highest levels. This commitment not only requires an unwavering focus on student learning but also putting systems in place that create optimal conditions for learning. ICS adopted a Professional Learning Community model where teachers are engaged in focused and intentional conversations about student learning. In a recurring cycle of collective inquiry, teachers ask and answer these four critical questions. Q1. What do we want students to know, understand and be able to do? Q2. How will we know that they have learned it? Q3. What will we do if a child is not learning? Q4. What will we do if a child already knows it? The Professional Learning Community process ensures that we will do whatever it takes to help every student learn at the highest level. Building for the future ICS defines learning as an “ongoing process in which learners acquire, develop and apply knowledge, skills and dispositions essential to thrive in and contribute to an ever-changing world”. We recognize that if our students are going to have the skills necessary to thrive in and contribute to this world, we need to change our approach to learning. Learning to learn is the primary objective of school. To this end, ICS is committed to providing every opportunity for students to own and personalize their learning experience.