ANNUAL REPORT 19 Strategic Objective 1 • making and budgeting for short-term and medium-term facility We will deliver an outstanding educational program. • Define and establish a common understanding of learning and academic excellence at ICS • Maintain a transparent and ongoing process for decision- improvements • Provide a better balance of learning spaces as we determine the next module of the new campus master plan Develop, implement and document a coherent, aligned and innovative curriculum • • Develop the use of technology and information literacy to Strategic Objective 4 empower students and extend learning throughout the school We will improve organizational culture and school climate. Enhance co-curricular and extra-curricular programs to • • • Develop a culture of collaboration, trust and accountability through norms, protocols, team building and professional learning Strategic Objective 2 We will learn through inquiry, action and reflection. Develop clearly articulated policies, documented systems and procedures within the organization to enhance efficiency empower students and enhance learning experiences • Continue to develop a culture where faculty and staff are valued and their accomplishments and contributions are recognized in Establish a common school-wide understanding of inquiry as the meaningful, ongoing and timely ways foundational approach to teaching and learning • Develop an engaging, inquiry-based curriculum for collaborative teaching and learning • Document evidence of student growth in inquiry, action and reflection Strategic Objective 5 We will develop and grow strategic relationships. • Develop and nurture a Partnership Program • Strengthen relationships between the school and its constituents to reflect a sense of community and to grow philanthropy Strategic Objective 3 We will provide enhanced, program-driven facilities. We will improve our facilities to provide a balanced, holistic, premier 21 st century education • Maintain a rolling five year financial model that includes program and enrollment • Secure funding through additional revenue streams for ICS programs