ICOnnect | ICO Newsletter Issue 05 - February 2018

USJ ICO NEWSLETTER M O N T H L Y FEBRUARY 2018 I N T E R N S H I P I S S U E A N D C A R E E R N E W S 0 5      HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! 恭喜發財 ! On behalf of the Internship and Career Office (ICO), we are overjoyed to present you the fifth issue of ICOnnect. We hope you received many red packets, or lai-see , and that the year of the (Earth) Dog will bring you and your family health, luck, fortune and success! People with Dog as a Chinese Zodiac sign, having been born in 1958, 1982, 1994, 2006 and now 2018, are generally communicative, serious and responsible at the workplace. Famous Earth Dogs include Madonna, Michael Jackson and British novelist C.S. Lewis. The next Earth Dog year will be 60 years from now so we hope IN THIS ISSUE INTERVIEW WITH A CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST 5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT... CNY CV WRITING FROM ONLINE APPLICATION TO you enjoy it to the fullest! INTERVIEW ICO Services MARCH ↪ Publishing of student articles / ideas / projects on the monthly CALENDAR newsletter's "student feature" section; ↪ CV and cover letter critiques and helpful tips (e.g., LinkedIn USJ CAREER DAY profile); JOB POSTINGS ↪ Guidance regarding personal and/or professional development; ↪ Job and internship search tools and tips; ↪ Interview preparation and tips; ↪ Request of workshop / seminar topics. Contact us The ICO office is located on the second floor of the Green Campus' Residential Hall. Feel free to drop by, call us at 8592 WRITE FOR ICO WORD SEARCH FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA 5699 or e-mail us at ico@usj.edu.mo. Our team Dr. Patrick Lam, Joana Costa, Jeanete Ozorio /ICOUSJMACAU @ICOUSJMACAU