ICONIC FEB 2015 | Page 2

EDITORIAL S eneca M. Hinds is a former Jehovah Witness, whose goal in life is to display and tell everyone about the Gospel. Coming from an environment where are you consistently inundated with organ/pipe music, I was curious about Christian music of today. The music is so full of life and quite different than what I was raised with. After a few years, I realized there are so many different forms of music, and in an effort to be helpful, I created a magazine called ICONIC. I also created a radio network under the umbrella of ICON Limitless to showcase Christian artists regardless of their indie or mainstream status. I feel that INCON Limitless is very relevant because there are not enough existing outlets for Christian/ Gospel music. I also want to aid in bridging the gap between Christian and Gospel music. In my endeavors to meet different artists, I felt that in order to assist with their growth and accountability, I needed a mentor in this field. After running into various roadblocks and searching for other mediums, I ran across NRB, which I believe is truly a blessing in every way possible. 1 It’s Christ Or Nothing