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We Really Like Messy Jobs.

Long gone are those early plan-and-spec bidding days – those, often cookie-cutter designs where the lowest bidder wins. Bieg stayed true to his belief that the construction industry needed more than just another cliché’ firm. The market needed an innovative mechanical engineering company that was willing to take risks and challenge the status quo. Today, the icon Bieg envisioned 25 years ago is nationally known for taking on challenging projects – those that require creativity, ingenuity, and well … guts.

icon is often one of the first calls owners and general contractors make when they need a design-build or design-assist mechanical engineering firm to support highly technical and hyper-regulated medical centers, laboratories, specialty process and manufacturing facilities. icon’s reputation also spurs calls for their services on customized high-rise, mixed-use buildings as well as mega-heavy industrial operations.

“We look for challenging jobs, particularly those jobs where the drawings aren’t great,” Bieg said. “We like messy jobs. In fact, the uglier the drawing, the more we’re interested.”

Bieg says it’s these jobs where icon adds maximum value. He said often times the owner or general contractor will provide icon the initial drawings and icon’s team of expert designers have the capacity to review those plans and challenge the design – typically offering engineering alternatives that substantially

benefit the project owner.

“We design with the end in mind and with an understanding of what the owner needs to accomplish with this project,” Bieg said. “We consider ourselves to be the owner’s partner so we are excited to show them design alternatives that we believe generate efficiencies and delivers them a better end product. That’s just what we do and how we like to approach every project.”

"icon wins because we're creative and smart. We can build

a better mouse trap."

Mike Bieg


icon Mechanical