icon Mechanical: 25 Year Anniversary - Page 14

Forging Ahead in Challenging Times

The construction industry has realized

significant challenges in the last 25 years, yet

icon Mechanical has persevered through times

of great recession, increased governmental regulations, and economic downturn.

Stability, creativity, leadership, diversification,

and the capacity to rise above has helped icon achieve consistent growth and be the best of

the best.

Bieg said one of the firm’s winning strategies is

to always be prepared.

“Before the economy came out of the recession, we were determined to have the right team of people in place and to have icon positioned in such a way that we were ready to go when the market came back and projects started up again,” Bieg said. “It came back and we were ready.”

The Corona pandemic presents a new set of challenges for the “essential” construction industry. Institutional budget constraints have curtailed and delayed capital projects while the need for high-rise office space has noticeably decreased.

But icon’s diverse project portfolio — purposely developed over the last quarter of a century — allows them to remain bullish in their approach to the future.

That fact is no better illustrated than by their aggressive attitude in constructing a new headquarters in the face of a global pandemic.

The firm has yet to slow in chasing opportunities and winning projects since the rise of Corona and the expectations are high for increased activity, post-pandemic.

That’s exactly the confident and forward-looking spirit icon was founded on 25 years ago.

“We will come out of this (pandemic) and when we do, projects will be rolling in and icon will be ready. We are always ready,” Bieg said. “If there are changes to be made, we’ll adapt as we always have, but we’re rising above, forging ahead with investments in people, technology, and equipment just as we always have.”