icon Mechanical: 25 Year Anniversary - Page 12

Strategic Expansion

In 2018, icon Mechanical launched iENG, an engineering firm based in St. Louis that is essentially comprised of icon engineers. Tom Murawski serves as iENG president.

Bieg said the reasoning

for the new firm was

based on the


growth of icon Mechanical’s engineering team and the need to more appropriately align that group for future expansion and opportunities.

“We had so many customers who wanted to hire an engineering firm, but they weren’t ready to hire a mechanical contractor,” Bieg said. “Strategically, it enables us to get our contracting foot-in-the-door when a customer hires iENG.”

Also, in 2018, icon Mechanical capitalized on an opportunity to acquire eagle Controls – a company that provided controls for the type of mechanical equipment icon installs. Matt Cafazza is president of eagle Controls.

The purchase

and bolt-on

of eagle

Controls to the

icon Mechanical scope of services means icon has the capacity to design, build, install, and now, control mechanical systems and components.

“It goes back to manage, manage, manage,” Bieg said. “We were doing 90% of the job, why not get the last 10% and be responsible for the controls, too? We want to design it (system) and determine how it’s going to be controlled.”

Geo-diversification was the goal when icon opened its Nashville, TN office in 2019 and subsequently named Jack Hausback to manage the new office. The growing Nashville market has already generated substantial business for icon.

Most notably, icon provided mechanical engineering services for the high profile Nashville Yards development.

2019 also marked the start-up of icon Mechanical’s plumbing division. icon’s decision to venture into the plumbing market coincided closely with the firm’s geographic expansion. In many regions of the country, project owners are accustomed to mechanical contractors providing both HVAC and plumbing services. This is an expectation that is increasing in popularity as project stakeholders begin to see the cost, time, and safety benefits of partnering with a firm that has the capacity to do both.

The strategic addition of plumbing to icon’s scope of services means icon has the capacity to design, pre-fabricate, and install all project piping including gas, steam, waste and clean water. This enables icon to create significant efficiencies by installing multi-trade pipe racks together. Jeff Coulson leads icon's plumbing division as Vice President, Plumbing Operations.