05 that staff are prepared and motivated .

“ They ’ ve got to get back into their routine and [ the operator has to ] make sure they ’ re ready to receive the guests again ,” he says . Unlike in the US , government support across Europe provided European staff with wages throughout the pandemic , and while jobs have been lost , employees have broadly been retained where possible .
This has seen the majority working reduced hours , reflecting the restrictions on the property .
“ Whether you ’ ll be bringing your staff back will be in relation to the number of players , the number of meals you ’ ll be giving out , the rooms you ’ ll have occupied , so it ’ ll all be in relation to the number of people though the door ,” says Goudsmit .
That doesn ’ t mean there won ’ t be some shift , especially after employees
“ Here in Europe , I think the casinos will look more and more at online . Companies are looking to spend their money wisely in order to get the best revenue and find the right balance between investing in the property and to have an igaming presence ”
RON GOUDSMIT found themselves not having to work night shifts or weekends . According to Goudsmit , people may even see the pandemic as the kick they need to pursue other things .
“ But I think that in general most people are eager to go back to work and in Europe it ’ s not a problem in getting them to do so ,” he says .
Undoubtedly , the look and feel of the casino floor will be different for returning employees and guests . Table games , for example , are not particularly conducive to social distancing , meaning greater emphasis will be put on slots . In the early stages , Goudsmit sees machines as being the revenue drivers .
“ Slots are the easiest to play while distanced ,” he says . “ People who like
July 2021