online product to land-based land-based customers helps generate customers and vice versa , working with revenue from both channels . a single pool of customers . The use of a “ Marketing our online proposition consolidated customer database is vital to our land-based customers has in supporting land-based locations via supported the growth of our digital online , Pettemerides says . business organically ,” he says .
Alternatively , as online gambling
“ 44 % of net gaming revenue in the grows in popularity , operators are digital business in the last full financial reaching out to local land-based players year , pre-Covid , was coming from to advertise the benefits of their online multichannel customers . So venue counterparts . For Wolfgang Bliem , CEO customers , playing with us online , has of Casino Luzern , the location of the underpinned our digital growth in casino is also a benefit – the property in recent years .” itself is an advertising asset .
For Grosvenor Casinos , this unified “ It ’ s how we take advantage when approach is at the basis of their we promote our offline business to the customer marketing , with all clients online world . One advantage is we are treated as one collective group . located in the middle of Switzerland ,” Alternatively , Bliem emphasises the says Bliem . individuality of customer characteristics .
“ We reach out to those who are
“ There is a very famous machine , closer to provide them with events , only famous in Switzerland , it ’ s the promotions , invitations to fine dining .” Super Cherry from 1995 ,” he explains .
According to Pettemerides ,
“ And this machine was transformed to marketing Rank ’ s online business to an online machine , and it is now one of the most successful online games in Switzerland . So it ’ s important to understand that every market has its own peculiarities and specialities .”
However , Casino Luzern ’ s customer characteristics do not influence the revenue streams through both channels , due to Switzerland ’ s regulatory landscape .
“ We have very high tax rates in Switzerland and we have more or less the same tax rates offline and online ,” Bliem says . “ So it doesn ’ t make sense for us to shift revenue from one channel to the other .”
Although it seems sensible to market to online customers when promoting a land-based casino , the marketing of Casino Luzern offers an alternative perspective .
“ Taking Switzerland , we have one operation and Switzerland has around 8.5 million residents ,” says Bliem . “ We target our own land-based customers for our online customers .”
It ’ s less a case of growing the audience by targeting new customers online for Casino Luzern , and more a way to engage existing patrons outside the property . Bliem argues there are inherent differences between landbased and online customers .
“ There are smaller overlays between the two channels , because there is a difference in behaviour from land-based to online ,” he says .


July 2021
24 25 Part 5: Wiggin European regulation round-up Building an omnichannel future for European casinos Hungarian requirement that online ITALY MALTA NORWAY representative in Poland. Casino ROMANIA gambling operators must have a land- Regulated gambling products: Regulated gambling products: Regulated gambling products: and poker are reserved for the Regulated gambling products: based licence to offer online gambling Sports betting, horse race betting, Sports betting, horse race betting, Sports betting, horse race betting state monopoly. Sports betting, horse race betting, services to Hungarian citizens, further poker, casino, bingo and lottery. poker, casino, bingo and lottery. and lottery. Status: Legislation enacted on casino, bingo and lottery. strengthening arguments that the Operator type: Fully regulated Operator type: Private operators can Operator type: Online gambling 1 January 2012 permits betting. Operator type: Any operator from current regime is incompatible with market, although lotteries are the apply for a local licence (except for is reserved for the two monopoly Online gaming (including poker) is an EU/EEA jurisdiction or the Swiss EU law. subject of a state monopoly. lottery products). providers, Norsk Tipping and no longer prohibited as of 1 April Confederation can apply for a licence. Status: Remote gambling licences Status: In 2018, Malta approved a Norsk Rikstoto. 2017, although the exclusive rights Lottery games remain reserved for are granted within specific new Gaming Act that replaced all Status: The monopoly has extended to offer such products are reserved the monopoly. Regulated gambling products: application windows. The last tender existing gaming legislation with a single its offering to include live betting, for the state monopoly. Provisions Status: The Gambling Law (as Online betting regulated since process for applications closed on piece of legislation, supplemented by online bingo and casino games in that provide for the establishment of amended) introduced a legal August 2015. Online gaming is not 19 March 2018. AGCOM, the Italian secondary legislation. The Gaming Act, an attempt to redirect traffic from a blacklist of unlicensed operators framework for a fully regulated specifically accounted for in Ireland’s communications regulator, has with directives and regulations, became unlicensed sites. The Norwegian and ISP and payment blocking online gambling market and requires outdated legislation and as such is issued sanctions against operators effective on 1 August 2018. regulator continues to step up came into force on 1 July 2017 and licences to be held by online gambling currently unregulated. and media companies for violation in February 2021 amendments operators, as well as software providers, of the gambling advertising ban NETHERLANDS enforcement efforts against unregulated Operator type: Private operators can operators, local banks and payment to such provisions were the payment processors, affiliates and apply for a betting licence. (introduced in 2018). Measures Regulated gambling products: service providers. The government subject of parliamentary debate. testing labs. The secondary legislation Status: Ireland has contemplated to combat unlicensed gambling, Sports betting, horse race betting, has passed amendments to try and The blacklist contains more than that fully implemented the current updating its legislation, which will including payment blocking measures, poker, casino, bingo and lottery. stem the flow of gambling supply 1,000 domain names. licensing regime came into force on 26 create a comprehensive igaming entered into effect in October Operator type: Monopoly for from offshore, including enhanced regime, for some time. The Gambling 2019. A tax, which amounts to all products. enforcement powers to prevent PORTUGAL Control Bill – the legislation which 0.5% on turnover, was introduced Status: The Remote Gambling Act, gambling advertising from abroad. Regulated gambling products: ISPs to block blacklisted websites. A promises to specifically regulate in 2020 on all bets on sporting which introduced a new licensing Expanded payment blocking provisions Sports betting, horse race betting, legislative proposal to further amend online gambling – has been subject events (including virtual sports) and regime, entered into force on entered into effect on 1 January poker, casino, bingo and lottery. the Gambling Law was submitted to the to continued delay and legislative is expected to remain in place until 1 April 2021. Operators may now 2020. Draft legislation consolidating Operator type: Any EU/EEA operator Romanian Senate in September 2020. progress is not expected in the short- to 31 December 2021. It is understood submit applications for a licence Norway’s various gambling laws and can apply to be granted a licence for medium-term. Interim reform measures that Italian authorities are currently under the new regime. However, further strengthening the regulator’s online gambling. Lottery games and SLOVAKIA intended to modernise the regulation preparing a draft law on a 2023 operators that have previously directly powers to address unlicensed land-based fixed-odds sports betting Regulated gambling products: of gambling in Ireland entered into licensing tender process that will ‘targeted’ the Dutch market will face gambling and the advertisement of remain reserved for a monopoly. Sports betting, horse race betting, effect on 1 December 2020. In February reduce the number of available online a 33-month cooling-off period before the same was submitted to Norwegian Status: A regulated market since poker, casino, bingo and lottery. 2021 draft legislation was published licences to 40. being eligible for a licence. While parliament for debate and approval in 2015. Although operators can Operator type: Private operators can applications have been accepted June 2021. apply for licences, their Portuguese apply for licences for online casino revenue streams are subject to and for sports betting licences. Lottery comparatively high tax rates, and bingo remain reserved for the IRELAND (by an opposition party) which, if February 2016. The gambling regulator actively polices the regime and notifies passed, would restrict most forms of LUXEMBOURG gambling advertising. According to Regulated gambling products: the new regime is not anticipated to POLAND the Department of Justice’s ‘Justice Plan Lottery. go live until 1 October 2021. In the Regulated gambling products: particularly in sports betting. Portugal’s monopoly provider. 2021’, it is expected that in Q3 2021 a Operator type: Monopoly. interim, the regulator is expected to Sports betting, horse race betting, 2020 Budget implemented changes Status: The Gambling Law came into General Scheme of legislation to reform Status: The general prohibition on continue to implement enforcement casino and poker. to the current taxation rates applicable force on 1 March 2019. The Gambling the licensing regime for gambling will gambling appears sufficiently wide to measures against operators targeting Operator type: Betting licences to selected gambling products Law allows private operators outside of be published. cover all forms of online gambling. Dutch players. are available for companies with a offered online. Slovakia to apply for licences for sports Building an omnichannel future for European casinos since April 2021, the market under July 2021