Part 3 : Crossing the channels : Developing an omnichannel offering Building an omnichannel future for European casinos


The majority of brick-and-mortar operators in Europe already have a digital presence . But for these operators to compete effectively with their online-only peers , they have to create an integrated proposition that reaches the customer across all channels . By Marese O ’ Hagan

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DURING THE PANDEMIC lockdowns and the subsequent social distancing requirements , capacity limits and curfews imposed on inperson gambling , igaming numbers have ticked steadily upwards .
In Great Britain , the Gambling Commission reported that online casino games accounted for £ 1.9bn in gross gambling revenue ( GGR ) between April and September 2020 , a figure that equates to more than 60 % of the overall market between April 2019 and March 2020 . Most of the £ 1.9bn came from slots .
With this rise in online play , and the ongoing impact of Covid-19 , there is renewed impetus for the brick-andmortar sector to build out its online offerings . But unlike online-only operators , this has to be achieved in a way that feeds into the existing physical proposition .
That in turn leads to further pressure to create an offering that reflects the heritage and brand position of the existing business .
For Jonathan Pettemerides of Rank Group , which owns Grosvenor Casinos , the brand is the unique selling point and key to omnichannel success . “ Whether you join the brand invenue or online , you become a member of Grosvenor Casinos , which means that we can communicate with you based on your marketing preferences .”
This integrated approach to marketing helps push Grosvenor ’ s
Building an omnichannel future for European casinos
22 23 Part 5: Wiggin European regulation round-up Building an omnichannel future for European casinos Authority (DGA) has been granted an injunction to block operators and suppliers that have been targeting Danish customers without the requisite licence. As of 1 January 2020, licensed operators are required to ensure that IN MAY 2021 THE REGULATOR STARTED TO ISSUE LICENCES UNDER THE PERMANENT LICENSING REGIME. THE NEW ONLINE MARKET IS CURRENTLY EXPECTED TO LAUNCH IN AUGUST 2021. GREECE other 15 states, horse race betting pending the entry into force of the to provide services to Greek residents. licences are available at a regional Treaty on 1 July 2021. Legislation, which introduced an open level. Sports betting licences can licensing regime for online betting be applied for by private operators GREAT BRITAIN as of 1 January 2020. Operators that Regulated gambling products: casino and poker, entered into force complied with the requirements of Sports betting, horse race betting, on 30 October 2019. However, the and “other online games”, including customers have set deposit limits before FINLAND Status: A regulated market since the the toleration regime in place pending poker, casino, bingo and lottery. regulations implementing the new legal they are allowed to gamble, although Regulated gambling products: introduction of a licensing regime in the implementation of legislation in Operator type: All licences are regime were not published until August it is understood this applies to online Sports betting, horse race betting, 2010, following which the EC withdrew 2021 were able to offer online poker available to private operators save for 2020. Operators holding a transitional casino only. The DGA introduced new poker, casino, bingo and lottery. its infringement proceedings. A new and virtual slots. lottery, which is reserved exclusively for licence may continue to offer services marketing regulations, effective from Operator type: All gambling products regulatory authority, L’autorité Nationale Status: The main legal framework the monopoly provider, Camelot. until a decision is made to grant a 1 April 2020. On 1 January 2021, the are under the exclusive control of des Jeux, took over from ARJEL in June for gambling regulation in Germany Status: Any operator that transacts permanent licence. In May 2021 the rate of tax increased from 20% to 28% monopoly provider Veikkaus Oy. 2020. Responsible gambling advice has been the subject of much debate with, or advertises to, British regulator started to issue licences under of GGR for online gambling activities. Status: Despite the existence of a has been issued to operators and and has been heavily criticised by residents requires a licence from the the permanent licensing regime. The national monopoly, EC enforcement players during the Covid-19 crisis, with the EC and interested parties/states Gambling Commission (GC). Licensed new online market is currently expected action was dropped subsequent a warning against using bonuses to within Germany for a number of years. operators are required to source to launch in August 2021. Regulated gambling products: to various changes to Finnish laws. attract new players to poker. Discussions to reform the existing gambling software from GC-licensed Sports betting, horse race betting, Active enforcement measures are businesses. In December 2020, the HUNGARY poker, casino, bingo and lottery. in place (restrictive marketing for GERMANY legislation resulted in the approval of the 3rd Amendment Treaty which government launched a “major and Regulated gambling products: Operator type: Licences for all offshore operators in particular) and Regulated gambling products: entered into force on 1 January 2020. wide-ranging” review into the current Sports betting, horse race betting, gambling products are available to the government is exploring measures Prior to 1 July, online poker and virtual The 3rd Amendment Treaty removes gambling legislation in Great Britain. poker, casino, bingo and lottery. private operators save for lotteries, to further restrict the offshore supply slots were ‘tolerated’ in 15 federal the limit on the number of sports It is anticipated that any proposals for Operator type: Only the state which are reserved exclusively for the of gambling services. In January 2021, states, while Schleswig-Holstein betting licences and reintroduces a reform will be published in a white monopolies (Szerencsejáték Zrt. and monopoly operator. the government opened a consultation permitted regulated sports betting, sports betting licensing process. The paper during 2021. Magyar Lóversenyfogadást-Szervezo Status: Operators seeking to accept on a number of proposals to reform horse race betting, poker, casino and ban on online casino remains in place, business from players in Estonia must Finland’s gambling legislation. It is bingo. From that date, a new State although there is an exception to the GREECE be issued an activity licence for the expected that the finalised proposals Treaty on Gambling has established a prohibition for S-H. In March 2020, Regulated gambling products: Status: Amendments to Hungarian type of gambling they wish to offer, will be debated in parliament in federal regulatory framework for online the German prime ministers approved Sports betting, horse race betting gambling law came into force on then an operating permit to provide summer 2021. slots, poker and sports betting. the new Interstate Treaty on Gambling and lottery. 1 October 2015 and allow only two Operator type: Private operators can which brings new licensing options Operator type: All products are land-based casinos to hold remote ESTONIA the services online. A blacklist of Kft) and local concession companies can apply for a licence. operators is maintained and updated by FRANCE no longer obtain casino licences in for private operators for online poker exclusively reserved for the monopoly casino concessions. The regulator local authorities and ISP and payment Regulated gambling products: Schleswig-Holstein under the existing and virtual slots (although stringent providers pending the implementation has since issued fines, a number of blocking is in force. Though some Sports betting, horse race betting, regime, although S-H has approved restrictions, such as stake limits, shall of an open licensing regime, although which have been challenged, against operators argue that the regime is poker, bingo and lottery. legislation to reinstate existing licences apply). In October 2020 a toleration certain private operators are permitted unlicensed operators that continue to still not compatible with EU law, no Operator type: Private operators until 2021 (with operations allowed regime was introduced which permits to operate on a transitional basis. target the market. In June 2017, the notification alleging incompatibility can obtain online licences for sports to continue in the interim). S-H has operators to offer online poker and Status: In 2012, a ‘transition period’ ECJ determined Hungary’s gambling has been issued by the EC since the betting, horse race betting and poker. also introduced a quasi-licensing slots provided they comply with the commenced, whereby the Greek regime to be incompatible with Article requirement for licensees to maintain The monopoly has exclusive rights to regime for sports betting (intended toleration regime’s requirements and government granted 24 transitional 56 TFEU. A subsequent ECJ decision servers in Estonia was removed. bingo and lottery. to be of a transitional nature). In the certain restrictions (such as stake limits) licences to operators, enabling them in February 2018 ruled against the Building an omnichannel future for European casinos July 2021